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Throughout Canada, concern has been growing for some time about the quality of mathematics education in schools. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that students are not achieving their full potential in mathematics. Recent changes in the curriculum have de-emphasized algorithms, factual learning and structured approaches in favour of a "discovery" approach.

We feel that a balanced approach in which children are given a reliable toolset of facts, algorithms and processes together with an understanding of why and how they work is best. Emphasizing one at the expense of the other can only diminish the quality of math education, and does not serve all students well.

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The College Math Project studies the math skills of college entrants and the potential societal and economic impacts of declining achievement in math.

Macleans magazine published an excellent article on the state of math education here. covered the issue here.

The Ontario Math Curriculum can be downloaded here in .pdf format.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Math Scores Lag in Latest Tests in Ontario

The Globe and Mail has this article: EQAO results show dip in Grade 6 math skills
Math remains a trouble spot for Ontario students according to standardized test results released Wednesday morning.
While students continue post promising gains in their reading and writing skills, math scores are slipping, based on data collected by the province’s Education Quality and Accountability Office. 

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